Declutter Your Mind: How Toxic People Around You Can Affect Your Mental Health

There are certain people that are hard to eliminate from your life. Your children are one example. No matter how old your children may be, the bond between parent and child is strong. However, there are situations that can justify eliminating adult children or your parents from your life. Not everyone has a place in your life.

Your life is sacred. Be careful whom you choose to include.

Consider how much the people in your life add and detract from it:

  1. Which people are a source of negativity? These people aren’t negative about your life. They’re negative about life in general. These are the people that are pessimistic, complain about everything, and suck the life out of you every time you see them. Ask yourself why you keep them around.

  2. Consider the toxic people in your life. Toxic people get in your way. They’re the people that get in the way of you reaching your goals. They’re discouraging and sabotaging. For some reason, they feel better if you don’t better yourself.
    • It’s rare to have people that truly want to see you excel. However, that’s no reason to tolerate those who intentionally become obstacles in your life.
    • If it’s a close friend or family member, first have a frank discussion. If that fails to have an effect, then show them the door.

  3. Friends from another time. It might be an old college friend or a co-worker from 20 years ago. Do you have anything in common besides a past? How much enjoyment do you receive from them? Think about it and make the necessary adjustments.

  4. Unfamiliar social media pals. You know these people. They’re Facebook “friends” that are actually friends of friends of friends. Do you need to see the birthday pictures of their grandchildren?
    • If you’re using social media to promote your business, the more the merrier. Otherwise, make the necessary cuts.

  5. Think about the people at work. You have fewer options here. You might be able to eliminate those troubling people that work for you, but even that’s not easy in today’s day and age. You can find another position within the same company or at another company. You might have to fire your boss and find another opportunity.

Not everyone deserves to be part of your life. As far as anyone knows for certain, you only get one chance. Ensure you’re not allowing the people around you to lower the quality of your experience. Eliminate those people that are unnecessary or that you don’t love.

Make room for people that will contribute to your life and happiness.

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