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It is an honour and a pleasure to work with some key players in the community.  I am always excited when I’m invited to be a guest, not only because I get to share my expertise, but I get to be a part of a bigger discussion.

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Dr. Natasha Williams on Make UR Mark
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The Karen Carrington Show
Dr. Natasha Williams on S.H.I.F.T.

It was amazing to be able to join Roxanne Derhodge of The Authentic Connections Movement.  In this podcast we discussed Effective Steps To Implementing Diversity In Corporations.

The Weight She Carries is dedicated to uplifting women through inspiring stories and articles. They celebrate women who have overcome extraordinary obstacles and are now using their voices to tell their stories and help  others. Their platform is a place where women can find healing, encouragement and inspiration.   It was a pleasure being on the podcast.  I trust you will find it uplifting.


” Dr. Natasha Williams is a dynamic speaker and philanthropist that is unapologetic on her quest to empowering women to step into their authentic selves. Her mission is clearly to ensure that women feel no shame in speaking their truth. “

Kym Niles

Make Ur Mark

Dr. Williams is an amazing woman who is dynamic and incredibly knowledgeable. She is an amazing example of black excellence and a great leader in our community. She is able to present information on topics in such as way that transforms  the audience  and leaves them wanting more. “

Karen Carrington


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