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I am on a mission to remove the stigma of mental illness among ethnic communities and provide a safe space to discuss mental health. I do this by travelling around the world and provide keynote addresses on this topic


I help men and women learn to divorce themselves from negative patterns of thinking and create the freedom to reclaim their own voice


Discovering the source of your dysfunctional thought patterns is the key to unlocking your personal freedom and living the life that was designed for you, no compromise?


I work with organizations to increase awareness and tolerance towards staff and clientele who present with mental health challenges.

Dr. Natasha Williams

My Journey

I thought I was living a good life. Husband, great career, beautiful home. We would host all of the holidays and our house became the meeting place for everyone. I felt that I had to be in control of this “perfect” image and let everyone know that we were doing well.

When we desired to start a family and things were not going as planned, I just said, like with everything else, I will take control of this and everything will work out “perfectly”.

Boy was I wrong!

As Seen On

As Seen On


“ She is unapologetically transparent in her mission to break down barriers and the stigma in Mental Health and passionate about doing so in the Black Community. This is conveyed so clearly in her story, and being a woman of color, it resonates with me so deeply. I’m grateful for the work that she does. Her community is grateful for the work that she does. ”  

Shenelle Jo

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