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What is the Superwoman?

I know that I can have it all!! All I have to do is dream big, work hard and you can have everything that you desire. Furthermore, as a woman it is woven into our identity to take care of everything. We are strong! We can handle everything! God forbid that we would need help or not be able to balance everything. Besides if a woman can’t handle everything at home and at work, then there is something wrong with her. Right? 

This is a popular belief that many of us as women are socialized to believe. The superwoman syndrome permeates the fabric of our society and is woven into the dialogue that is fed to many women. For me, being raised as a strong woman was not an option, it was a requirement. It was something that was passed down generationally and culturally. My mother began my training as a superwoman. I had to be independent, strong and work twice as hard because being black and being a woman was seen as a double disadvantage in society.

A superwoman can be defined as a woman who works hard to maintain several roles and she strives to excel in all areas. She manages everything at home as well as outside of the home and she is supposed to manage it well. She is not supposed to ask for help because she is strong and she has been conditioned to manage and multitask with ease and grace….and look good doing it.

While it can be seen as a great life lesson, in some areas of our lives, if we consistently use this coping strategy at all times it can allow us to believe that we have to have it all together all the time. So, it means that there is no room for error. Regardless of what is happening in your life, we have to be strong “all the time.” And God forbid that you crack under pressure, if there are times that you are not strong, it is a weakness in your own character, it’s a personal flaw that YOU have to fix.

Another aspect of the superwoman is that we have to constantly sacrifice our own happiness for the well being of others; be it our spouse/significant other, children, family, friends. We must become the “sacrificial lamb” and the “true” superwoman places everyone else’s needs above our own. We have to place ourselves last on the list because if we decide to take care of ourselves or make ourselves a priority, then we are selfish and we are judged and criticized because our priorities are not in order. Our happiness is not as important as the perfect image of the superwoman.

What I learned and what I want to tell you is that this is IMPOSSIBLE. Being strong all the time does not make sense because we do not allow ourselves our own humanity. 

Once we realize the concept of “The permission to be human”, we begin to notice that as human beings it is our birth right to experience ALL emotions without judgement. Perfection is then seen to be a myth, and striving to be our own best self is solely defined by us, not what others say about us or what society wants to dictate.

Are you ready to take the first steps to change the direction of your life? Let me show you what it takes to “Reclaim your Superwoman!”. Click the link below and apply to register. 

Reclaim your superwoman masterclass

You feel stuck.  Uncertain of the direction of your life.  You do not feel that you are fulfilled or living life to its fullest potential,  but you are uncertain where to turn or what to do.

You are running around, pleasing everyone else and you think you “should” be happy but something is not right.  You believe that you are doing everything that you are “supposed” to do but you are not happy.

You want to reclaim your superwoman and live your best life, but you have been overwhelmed and are uncertain of what to do or how you are going to do it. 

  • Identify Gender biased mindsets/core beliefs which could be holding you back
  • Challenge those mindsets/ beliefs “Concept of comfortable being uncomfortable”
  • Allowing yourself the permission to chart your own course and begin to live on your own terms

I can help you get from being indecisive to clarifying your goals and setting your feet on a clear path in 30 days.

We meet once a week for 2 hours over 4 weeks.  The program is broken into major milestones I’ll help you accomplish. During our live coaching sessions, I’ll walk you through that week’s lesson and we’ll do an activity together, I’ll answer any questions, and then you’ll get homework so you can continue taking action.

It will be done in a small group, so you’ll have my personal attention to hold you accountable and make sure you get the results you want.

So, the time commitment is about 2 hours per week for our live session + homework.

Week 1 - Defining The Superwoman

What is the “typical” definition of the “Superwoman”.
What are gender biased stereotypes and how do they influence our behaviour.
Learn what is a “Core Belief” in the context of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Learn how to identify your core beliefs

Week 2 - Challenging the Superwoman

Learn how Core Beliefs affect behavior.
Cognitive Distortions-definition.
How do you begin to modify Core Beliefs?
What is “Comfortable being uncomfortable” and why it is so important
How does faith inform our decisions

Week 3 - Reclaim Your Superwoman

Why do you deserve to live your best life?
What is stagnation and how do you break through it.
Definition of personal selfishness as a positive attribute to walking in our truth.
How do you identify yourself as a divine individual and begin to step into your divine destiny (God does not want us to live in mediocrity)

Week 4 - Fortify Your Superwoman

What is resilience?
Where does it come from?
How do you create and maintain resilience?
Miracle Question, where do I go from here? What are my next steps?

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